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The Story Of The Three Seeds

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How Open Minded Are You?

With an open mind you really get to see a bigger scope of the grand scheme of all things. For so long arrogance and narrow mindedness limited me from realising my potential. Many of us are conditioned to disregard and...
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The Importance Of Hard Work | Vegan Update

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What Is Your Purpose In Life?

We all have a purpose in life, whether it is something that inspires millions of people or something much smaller, it is all down to who we are. No one purpose is greater than any other. If you are still...
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The Power Of Persistence (Story Of The 8 Broke Men)

Persistence may sound like an easy trait to practice, but it’s when the going get’s tough that most people give up, but need it the most. Enjoy the short story in this video to elaborate on how persistence can be...
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Veganism – My Take

In this video I cover the subject of Veganism. I’ve recently made the transition myself and wanted to give some of my own personal feedback for anyone who is considering doing the same. Thanks for watching
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The Secret Of Life

This video covers ‘The Secret Of Life’ based on my own personal philosophy. The world is a reflection of us, this is the magnitude of our true power. When we change the world changes with us. If you spend time...
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BOOK REVIEWS + Random Thoughts!

Video review for ‘Beyond Fear’ by Don Miguel Ruiz and ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ by Dr Bruce Lipton. Amazing books that I would highly recommend.
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Why Being WEIRD Is A Good Thing!

The word weird simply means something supernatural or other worldly. If someone describes you in this way, it just means you stand out from societies expectations, which in my book is definitely a good thing.
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WHO ARE WE? – The Fear Of Death

One of the biggest fears we face in life is the fear of death. Once you free yourself from this anxiety, you will enjoy life with an amazing new sense of freedom.
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